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Jun 2020

Fri 5 Jun

08:30Trevor Brown (Member)
08:45James Mulholland (Member)
09:00John Marshall (Member)
10:45Maureen Davison (Member)
11:00David Evans (Member)
11:30Heather Henning (Member)
11:45Louanne Russell (Member)
12:00Carole McMaw (Member)
12:15Anne Hedley (Member)
12:30Johnny McIlree (Member)
12:45Ann Stratton (Member)
13:00Cathy Anderson (Member)
14:00David Farley (Member)
14:30Roma English (Member)
14:45Andrew Waddell (Member)
15:45Sheelagh Brown (Member)
16:15Gary Craig (Member)
17:30Nick Oldfield (Member)
18:00Gary Andrews (Member)
18:15Eric Calderwood (Member)

Sat 6 Jun

08:45Dave Craig (Member)
09:15Keith Bucknall (Member)
09:45David Evans (Member)
10:00Sam McMurtry (Member)
10:30Mark Maginnes (Member)
10:45S J Hunter (Member)
11:00Tom Morrow (Member)
11:30Nigel Jamison (Member)
11:45Gavin Kerr (Member)
12:00Gary Craig (Member)
12:30Malcolm Morrison (Member)
12:45Michael Steele (Member)
13:00Alan Ramsay (Member)
13:30Alan Russell (Member)
13:45Gary Hodge (Member)
14:00Terry Wilson (Member)
14:15Mark Milligan (Member)
14:30Thomas Hamilton (Member)
14:45Nick Oldfield (Member)
15:00Peter Ross (Member)
16:00Kenneth R J McDowell (Member)

Sun 7 Jun

08:30Timothy Weir (Member)
08:45Mark Latimer (Member)
09:00Jim Harvey (Member)
09:15Stephen Beattie (Member)
09:30Sheelagh Brown (Member)
09:45Ian W A Craig (Member)
10:00Colin Kale (Member)
10:15Steven Scallon (Member)
10:30Warren White (Member)
10:45Jack Calwell (Member)
11:00Malcolm Morrison (Member)
11:30David Evans (Member)
11:45Richard Tweed (Member)
12:00Stephen Meneely (Member)
12:15Alan Ramsay (Member)
12:30Alan Russell (Member)
13:00Jackie Mearns (Member)
13:45Sidney Galbraith (Member)
14:30Audrey Faulkner (Member)
14:45Gail McNabb (Member)
15:00Ken Thomas (Member)
18:15Mark Hagans (Member)

Mon 8 Jun

09:00Colin Kale (Member)
09:45J B Stewart (Member)
10:30Thomas Hamilton (Member)
10:45Andrew Macpherson (Member)
13:30Geoff Hunter (Member)
13:45Jennifer Adrain (Member)
18:00David Haveron (Member)
18:15Eric Calderwood (Member)

Tue 9 Jun

08:30Andrew Macpherson (Member)
09:00John Shaw (Member)
09:15James Victor Pherson (Member)
09:30Colin Kale (Member)
10:00Jonathan Black (Member)
12:30Alan Russell (Member)
18:15Kenneth R J McDowell (Member)

Wed 10 Jun

08:30Glenn Picken (Member)

Tue 16 Jun

13:30 - 14:15Northern Ireland Post Office Society (Society)

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