Club History

Larne Golf Club was founded in 1894 and is the 9th oldest in Ireland and the 5th oldest in Ulster. In 2019 we celebrate our 125th anniversary.

The original course, designed by G L Bailie, was played in the opposite direction around the boundaries of the present course as far as the 5th green and back to the 9th green as the fields now occupied by the present 2nd, 3rd and 4th holes were not then leased by the Club.

In 1925 a redesigned course (drawn up by A B Badlington, K C and Gordon Ross) was opened resulting in the course being reversed and lengthened. In 1927additional land was leased and the  present 1st , 2nd and 3rd fairways came into use completing the course layout as we know it now. In the early 2000's new tee boxes were added allowing the current playing setup of 9holes/18tees.

The original clubhouse was situated behind and to the seaward side of the 9th green and is now demolished. Following the second world war a lounge was built from ex-army nissen huts and a liquor licence obtained. The lounge is now used as a machinery shed.

In 1963 the course was purchased outright and in 1967 a new clubhouse was opened behind the 1st tee where it remains today. The course has evolved to the present day with the addition of many new hazards, bunkers, trees and shrubs, and the fairways and greens are beautifully presented. The one thing which hasn't changed with time are the stunning views all around the course, a testament to the vision of the founders back in 1894.