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Spend Local £100 Voucher


High Street Scheme 'spend local' pre-paid cards can be used for purchases at the bar and restaurant.
We are also offering the unique opportunity for members to use it against next season's membership subscription. If anyone would like to avail of this facility please email or telephone 02893382228 to register your intent and for any queries.

Winter Green Fees from 1 October 2021

Capt's Day Prize Winners 2021

Captains Day 2021

Prize Winners

Nearest Pin - S Beattie

Longest Drive - M Kane

Putting - G McCord 35 putts

1st Nine - P Gilmour 23pts

2nd Nine - S Boyle 23pts

Guest - A Ramsay 38pts

S Vet - A Corrigan 22pts

Veteran - I McLean 42pts

B Gross - W Baird 33gpts

Runner Up - D Haveron 44pts

Winner - G Swann 45pts

HG Stockham Results

H.G. Stockham

Winner - M Steele 41pts

Runner Up - J Mulholland 40pts

Gross - M Kane

July Stableford Results

July Stableford

Winner - M Moore 42pts

Runner Up - K Thomas 41pts

Gross - C McGarry

July Medal

July Medal Results

Winner - M Montgomery 65 nett

Runner Up - D Nelson 66 nett

Gross - M Kane 70

Showing 1 - 6 of 71 Items (Page 1 of 12)